NY Tech Darlings Foursquare Moving To New Office

Foursquare 03If you want to know where the hottest startups are, meaning those lucky few awash in so much funding, look no farther than 568 Broadway. That’s where Foursquare is moving after its extended stay at the East Village’s 6 Cooper shared space it shared with like-minded tenants.

Turns out trail blazing medical mavericks ZocDoc are already inhabiting the much sought after building in 568. Foursquare, on the other hand, are in the process of moving in. When they’ve finally settled, two entire floors will be dedicated to the locations-based champions.

Foursquare are one of the most moneyed startups in the game and if the whole tech scene were a small village (a comparison that’s rather apt), they’re a household name. To refresh the reader’s memory, here’s a very factual snippet from a previous Foursquare post. Really gives you an idea how much faith a lot of investors have in them.

1. In June, Foursquare was the recipient of an enormous $50 million funding round. Its valuation then? Half a billion dollars.

2. It won a Made in New York award. Mayor Bloomberg has endorsed Foursquare as well.

3. Foursquare outed its Android-centric Notifications feature.

4. It made a historic alliance with Groupon.

Via: Betabeat