NY Startup Interview: Melina Ash, Chief Merchandising Officer and Co-Founder, nomorerack

Today’s interview is with Melina Ash, co-founder of nomorerack.com.

Nomorerack is the place for every day value – At 12pm EST everyday a new set of product deals are introduced. We introduce over 200 skus on a daily basis ranging from fashion, jewelry, electronics, home items and more at discounts up to 90% off. We are disrupting the way retail works by connecting manufacturers directly to consumers. Building a brand synonymous with “extreme value” and “great service”. Think Target Brand + Walmart Scale without the brick & mortar overhead.

Q: Where did your vision/inspiration for this company come from?

I was always surprised by the big price discrepancy between the true manufactured cost of an item, and the selling price. The amount most retailers have to mark items up to cover their large overhead, always leads to a high price for customers. High quality bed sheets that cost $8 to manufacture were selling in retail stores for $100. We then said to ourselves, why can’t we change the way this works? By running a lean , technology (not man-power) efficient operation, why can’t we connect manufacturers directly to consumers and remove all the “fat” & all the “overhead” and pass on extreme savings to our consumers. Curate a selection of products daily that are at “unbelievable value” across all major categories.

Q: What problem are you solving, and why does the world need your product?

Retail today is broken. Both online retailers & brick/mortar stores have too much overhead, take on inventory risk, as a result substantially mark up items, there’s a lot of middle men & logistics between the manufacturer and the end consumer. Our goal is to remove all that “fat”, and bring high quality items at unbelievable value to every day mass market consumers. Our mission is to enable consumers to afford the things they typically couldn’t.

Q: What keeps you motivated?

Seeing the growth and evolution of nomorerack & our team is exciting and keeps me going. We’ve only begun and there is so much more to do and to perfect. It’s super exciting when you check stats in the middle of the day and see that we’ve sold over 8000 items it keeps us fired up!

Q: What keeps you up at night?

Making sure our customers are always happy no matter what. We take customer service very seriously & have an “always build raving fans” policy. Unfortunately, we can’t always control the experience if a manufacture makes a mistake and delivers the item. But what we can do is “make it right” & continue to put key processes in place to ensure we always deliver a perfect consumer experience. We’ve improved drastically since launch, about 70% of our revenue comes from repeat purchases!

Q: What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs? 

You will work a lot! You have to be prepared to give everything you have and then some to grow and nurture the business you want to see built. It’s all worth it in the end, successful or not you will learn more then you ever thought possible and be pushed to levels you never thought you could reach. It’s personal growth as well as career growth.

Q: What do you do for fun when not working on your company? 

There’s nothing better then unwinding by watching a good movie, catching up on shows or reading a good book. Oh and add a glass of wine to that!

Visit nomorerack.com.

  • Hetheru7
  • Terrygirl3

    I love nomorerack! Shop their all the time. Keep up the good work…

  • Keldave

    check BBB Better Business Bureau.com….think twice before you buy….crappy customer service…still haven’t gotten my order and no return calls, 92 current complaints…93 with mine

  • Frustrated

    This company is horrible.. I hope your enjoying your glass of wine you have bought with the thousands of unhappy customers money you have taken. You should be ashamed of yourself. I’m sure your father and mother are so very proud. You have given people of our race a bad name. Melina please turn this company around or hire someone who can. The BBB now has over a thousand complaints how do you explain that?

  • Frustrated

    I so wish I had done my research before placing an order

  • Person you ripped off.

    What keeps this “woman” up at night??? Making sure the customers are happy no matter what???? You have seriously got to be kidding, lady. The only thing you and the people running this scam company are awake at night for is to count all the money you stole from customers. You should be ASHAMED of yourself. I can’t wait to see the day you are put out of business. I’ve never encountered such a lack of customer service from anyone anywhere in my entire life. It’s not BAD…it’s non existent. Bottom line, you suck, and eventually you will go down.

  • George

    What a joke. You can care less about customer satisfaction. I cant wait for the day you are put out of business and I hope I am there when the key locks the door…..and you and your cronies are in jail…

  • truthseeker

    Nomorerack operates on the thin edge of the law, advertsing name brands as always new and supplying knockoffs, seconds , and refurbs.. they advertise warranties that dont exist or they wont support( ILLEGAL). There may indeed be some good values here, but there custome, post-sale is just horrendous. NMR charges your credit card at time of order, even though product may not ship for weeks….btw over 30 days is illegal too..

  • Juan Mendoza

    Worst online shopping experience, wrong items, customer service is terrible, forced to keep false advertised items. Lost $207 I gave up after all the run around they make you go through and still unsolved problem

  • nicci

    Bull, ur customer service is a joke and u could care less weather ur customers get a good product or not. If a customer has a complaint u brush them off with a copy and pasted response until u claim it’s too late for the customer to get there money back. You will not b in business very much longer and i will b the first person there clapping when it happens!

  • Sara

    What a pathetic excuse for a “company”!!! never received the item I bought, yet you charged me and wouldn’t refund a month after me placing the order. And my husbands credit card info was shared and compromised! Customer service is a joke and they barely speak any english nor can they conduct themselves in the utmost manner expected for a ‘high quality’ company. I will help fight to shut you down and then I will laugh my butt off when you fail!! Never order from this fraudulent third world country