NY Ladies Start Digital PR Firm

Small Girl PromPictured to the left are Bianca Caampued and Mallory Blair, two ladies behind Small Girls PR. What they specialize in isn’t circulating press releases but organizing events that cater to the tech scene.

Founded in 2010, Small Girls PR (Bianca and Mallory are just a hair above five feet) the backstory behind the business reads like a chick flick script. Both met at a party and bonded afterward, triggering the idea for a business centered on partying and Facebook. Thus, Small Girls PR was born.

Like all PR firms, the girls’ bread and butter is pushing brands, which they do via parties attended by startup people.

A testament to their success:

“When Rick Webb, co-founder of the digital marketing firm the Barbarian Group, gets an invite to one of their events, he goes. Half the employees at Foursquare, including co-founder Dennis Crowley, descended upon a recent party at the Tribeca Grand to celebrate a dating site’s mobile-app launch. Christopher Poole, the reclusive founder of the chat room 4chan, was at their Halloween party.”

Get a full read of the source article over at the NY Post. It sheds new light on how a simple idea (PR) executed at the right time can grow into something significant. What’s incredible about Small Girls PR is they relied predominantly on blogging and their network who were accessible via Twitter, etc.

Via: NY Post