Google Guys Want Stanford In NYC

StanfordStanford is really making a huge, titanic effort to ultimately claim a slice of local real estate for its tech campus. As part of this relentless drive, Stanford rallied its most stellar alumnal pair, none other than the Google guys themselves. That’s Larry Page and his buddy Sergey Brin, who were unreserved in their high praise for the institution. Not surprising, since Google maintains a huge, titanic office building locally.

It’s not dull hype, either. Stanford is to big tech what Yale is to U.S. Presidents. Between the two, however, it’s the former that’s been instrumental in shaping the post war era. Just think about Stanford’s most legendary origin tale, Hewlett-Packard, where Bill and Dave started HP from scratch shortly after matriculating just as World War 2 rolled in. Despite the success they eventually achieved in life, both of them never forgot their Stanford roots.

Even legendary dropout Steve Jobs left his mark in Stanford with a much quoted and praised commencement address. Not surprisingly, Stanford has enjoyed the lion’s share of media attention in its epic bid to win a place in the Big Apple.

That’s not to say the competition are slouches. The deadline for proposals might have passed, yet neither Cornell or the other universities itching for a NYC beach head are slackening their own bids.

Anyway, watch the glowing Stanford review given by Sergey and Larry via the source link down south.

Via: Tumblr