NimbleTV Allows to You “Bring” Your Cable TV Anywhere

New York startup NimbleTV allows you to watch TV anywhere, anytime–even for the away-from-home couch potatoes. The service works with your current TV subscription and allows you to watch all you TV channels online.

“We’ve all heard about TV Everywhere for a long time. One of the questions that’s bothered me is, why is it not here yet?” said chief executive Anand Subramanian.

Aside from watching your favorite shows, Nimble TV has social sharing feature and 10,000 hours available for digital recording. All of these services only for an additional $20 to your existing TV subscription bill.

All this “TV Everywhere” news is reminiscent of Aero, another startup. When Aero started sign ups, almost all of New York’s broadcasters filed lawsuits for copyright infringement. These lawsuits are pending but Aero is now up and running. Has NimbleTV taken steps to avoid such a fiasco?

Subramanian said that NimbleTV “went to extreme lengths” to avoid lawsuits. NimbleTV acts as your agent: they pay your cable or satellite bills for you, and you pay them for the streaming bit.

The company hasn’t named which providers have partnered with them, but from the looks of it, they’re big players. Whatever the case, NimbleTV claims that it is only, “trying to build a really good consumer experience and solve a consumer problem.”

The startup is testing with a limited number of subscribers starting on Monday.

Source: NYTimes