New Yorkers Cool Off in Dumpster Pools

In an effort to make the city greener, Park Avenue became the temporary homes for 3 Dumpster Pools of the Macro Sea. As stated in the name, the Dumpster Pools were made from unused dumpsters during the Summer Streets Fair in the NYC early this August.

The Dumpster Pools made its quiet appearance last year in Brooklyn. The Bloomberg Administration loved the idea so much that they commissioned Macro Sea, the company behind the idea, to create an improved version of them for all the people to swim in and enjoy. The Dumpster Pools got a much needed face-lift, from its “guerilla” look to a much more sophisticated one, donning a vibrant red color, and the logo of Macro Sea displayed for everyone onlooker to see.

The Dumpster pools were only 4.6 feet deep, but for safety precautions lifeguards were still stationed to oversee the children. Colorful plastic lifesavers were also available for everyone who can’t swim well. The Dumpster Pools at the park Avenue opened as early as 7AM, so early birds got to take a dip,with less of the crowd and more space to swim through the waters. Last Saturday was the last day the Dumpster Pools were open, and they were disassembled for next year’s affair.

This gave a whole new meaning to dumpster diving, doesn’t it?

via Inhabitat