New York Tech Meetup Launched Annual Membership In Beta

Want to attend the New York Tech Meetup but just can’t get your hands on tickets?  Here’s good news for you: the organization has just launched a beta-stage annual membership.

Being a member guarantees a priority in ticket selling. There will be an early ticketing process for members. They have 2 weeks to pay, if not their tickets will be included in the sales for the rest of the startup world.

Members also get access to exclusive events, early access to annual events and get to provide feedback regarding the membership system.

Only 200 members will be accepted. The first 100 invites will go to startup CEOs who attended 15 or more meetups. For those who aren’t as enthusiastic or are newbies, a ticket lottery will determine the recipients of the last 100 invites.

However, membership isn’t cheap. It’s a $300 deal (tickets not included). Plus NYTM is also asking that everyone to “pledge to give something back to the community.” This could be anything from advising a non-profit organization on digital strategy to hosting office hours.

Get the whole announcement in blog form here

Source: Betabeat