New York Startup Comes Out Swinging

ForrstAn Irish entrepreneur launched a suspiciously similar website with suspiciously similar features to one of our own. The grieved party is Forrst, a designer/developer haven based locally. In a lawsuit filed at the New York Southern District Court, the guys at Forsst want Fursst to pay.

Wait, Fursst? It’s an Ireland based startup launched by Eamonn Murphy.’s avowed goal is to be a haven for designers/developers to share their work.

Problem is, the same goes for Forsst. Forrst is where designers/developers congregate to share their work. Imagine a portfolio with social networking capabilities. Same with Furrst. Uh oh.

There isn’t much to go by at this point, but this whole tiff should be on the radar of tech troopers everywhere. Since copying ideas is pretty common in the scene, there must exist a fine line of differentiation that could diffuse potential conflict.

Via: Betabeat