New York Magazine Dives Into Dating

New York datingThe guys at must have been hooping with joy the moment their new partnership went live. The partner of course, is New York, the glossy magazine that’s got quite a heritage to live up to.

NY Tech Blog are no strangers to, writing about them as early as last year:

“In a nutshell, is a site where you can put down what you really want to do during a date. It’s a new dating site from the collaborative duo of Brian Schechter and Aaron Schildkrout .”

Since then, the creative romance startup has become the buzzword for a new spin on traditional online dating.

The new venture with New York magazine is considered a boost for the traditional media stalwart than for Talks began on February this year and by March, a small group of specialists from New York magazine collaborated with the people to hammer out the final product.

The offspring of this unlikely union—even if New York magazine already wet its toes on online dating several years ago—is

Its goal, aside form inspiring romance, is to beef up New York mag’s revenue steam with much needed diversifications.

Via Emediavitals