New York By Southwest Rallies For SXSW

NYXSWHot on striking it big like Twitter and Foursquare, a lot of New York startups are banding together for the upcoming SXSW mega-event next month in Austin. Rather than just troop to the Lone Star State individually, a rare alliance has brought together a who’s who in the tech scene. Thus came to be New York by South West or NYXSW. The alliance/confederation/herd describes itself as “a community-driven effort to help NYC start-ups and peeps band together for SXSW.” The group’s goals, aside from the expected consumption of tacos, are:

  1. See who else is going.
  2. Promote NYC panels and parties.
  3. Use each others’ apps.

This looks like a case of evening the odds against every startup who’ll be showcasing their wares at SXSW. Instead of going lone ranger, the combined powers of NYXSW can better spread whatever success they take home from the Austin gathering.Those already involved are Hashable, Techstars, Fashism, Dogpatch Labs, General Assembly, GroupMe, Betaworks, and The Morris+King Company.

The movement itself is the offspring of a partnership between Hashable and We Are NY Tech. The former is taking a very conspicuous lead ahead of everyone else involved, which can be construed as an indicator of Hashable’s grand plans for SXSW. A partial list of confirmed attendees can be accessed via the NYXSW site and it’s pretty extensive.

Via: Business Insider