New Vertically-Integrated Online Jeans Company, Parke New York, Launches On Kickstarter – Disrupting the $13B Jeans Industry

Parke New York is a new online, vertically-integrated clothing brand that’s seeking to revolutionize denim jeans, while also reviving New York manufacturing. The company is the latest in a new wave of online fashion companies started by tech entrepreneurs and freshly-minted MBA graduates. Parke launched on Kickstarter today, offering technologically advanced, selvedge stretch jeans for men and women for $125 – a price that’s 50% less than traditional prices for selvedge jeans, which often cost $300.

The project began when Solomon Liou, a New York entrepreneur, had worn out his favorite jeans and went shopping for new ones. “Shopping for jeans can be a very frustrating experience”, Solomon explains, “and it was difficult to find comfortable, durable jeans at a reasonable price”. As a result, Solomon decided to develop his own jeans using technologically advanced denim.

Without any formal training in fashion, Solomon began working with local craftsmen in New York City’s Garment District. “From this community of artisans, I learned how clothing should be made – by using great fabric and craftsmanship.” Solomon and his team spent the last 12 months developing jeans with a unique fabric that combines highly durable selvedge denim with a innovative stretch technology. Selvedge is a rare type of denim that is woven on antique shuttle-looms, and is known to be more dense and durable. High quality selvedge jeans can cost up to $1,000. It’s not your average denim.

With Kickstarter, Parke New York aims to raise $50,000 to start their initial production run. However, the company hopes to exceed their goal by 3-5x, following the path of other successful fashion projects on Kickstarter like Ministry of Supply, which raised $429,276 for men’s dress shirts, and Flint & Tinder, which raised $291,493 for men’s underwear. Reaching $50,000 alone would make Parke the largest amount raised on Kickstarter for any denim jeans product. With online holiday shopping at new highs, the company is positioned well to succeed.

Learn more about the company by visiting their Kickstarter page: