New Startup RentalEngine Guarantees Accurate Apartment Listings

 The hunt for the new apartment is on. And as if that isn’t hard enough, you also have to weed through a pile of bogus apartments in the process.

Similar sites like Craiglist, StreetEasy, Nestio tend to keep an apartment listing even though it’s expired to generate leads. It’s such a bummer to fall in love with the perfect pad and find out it’s already taken.

A new startup was just launched to solve the problem. RentalEngine enetered public beta and allows apartment search in major listing in just one interface!

The interface is user friendly as well. You just fill out a check box on location, budget, number of beds and baths and the search engine runs a list of suitable apartments for you. Additional amenities such as a garage or a gym can be specified in the advanced search.

The startups trumps all others by filtering out listings that have missing or false information, also those that are probably expired. This guarantees that every apartment on the list is vacant.

When you are comparing multiple options, The site also allows you to store the listing, enter notes and rate various features. This helps RentalEngine better understand what you’re looking for.

You will also be notifies through email whenever a listing fitting your requirements is vacant.

RentalEngine has raised $150,000 in funding and is entertaining 100 unique visits/day before the public beta launch.

Source: Techcrunch