New Startup Assignmint Helps Freelancers Organize

New startup Assignmint aims to revolutionize the freelance writing industry.

Now that’s a big claim but New York Press and Forbes former editor Jeff Koyen bets Assignmint might just do the trick. It offers a pitch-to-payment cloud workflow system for freelancers and employers

It manages work assignments, editorial calendars, invoices, pitches, expenses, contract information, and payment. All the outstanding invoice and payment can be accessed in one place. It also uses matches freelancers with potential new clients with a clip algorithm.

The startup will only cater to writers and editors when it launches in late 2012. But it will expand to serve financial services, academia, IT, fashion marketing, and other fields in 2013

Assignmint will handle freelance payments on an company’s behalf in exchange for an employer-paid service fee

According to Jeff Koyen, the firm’s product is targeted at specific problems within media: “Last year, I went in-house as an editor at a well-known magazine [Travel & Leisure – ed.]. I came up through alt-weeklies, where we never had much money for bells and whistles. But even at this huge operation, the systems had not changed much since the 1990s.

“Editors still cut-and-paste job details between Word docs and freelancers still put contracts in the mail. (Some even faxed them.) These inefficiencies do more than just waste time: They pit freelancers against their employers. So, I decided to build a network that solves all of these problems, from pitch to payment.”

Assignmint concluded their first funding round and is expected to release in closed beta this summer.

Source: Fast Company