Nathan Folkman Acq-hired By Facebook

If someone was keeping score this time, would it be Facebook 1 and Foursquare 0?

Call it strategic smarts or sweet revenge (especially since Foursquare is way cooler than Facebook Places), but the growing location-based check-in site has just lost a valuable member of its team to the leading social network in the world.

Foursquare software engineer Nathan Folkman, ex-AOL and Betaworks vet, has officially joined the dark side, er, Facebook. The circumstances are hazy and details scarce (hey, this is fresh news after all) leaving interested observers waiting with bated breath for more info, especially since this recent hire seems part of a greater trend at work.

Said trend is the exodus of top talent to Facebook. To digress a bit, many believe that the recent supposedly secret 10% raise at Google was meant as a countermeasure to stop employee flight from the search-engine giant. More than one blogger has wryly commented that Google has all the trappings of an oligarchic mega-corporation of yore where the fun factor has considerably wound down.

A funny aside to this is the firing of the engineer who leaked news of the raise. Still, the fact remains is no pasture seems to be greener in tech right now than Facebook.

Given Folkman’s background, it’s almost certain he’d be put on the frontlines of Facebook Places. It’s a natural fit, since Folkman’s got a patent for web application architectures for offline usage.

Those hankering for extra juice on this story will have to wait though.

Via: Business Insider