Most Valuable NYC Startups Revealed

The NYC tech scene is thriving better than one would have expected, and you might have read quite a few articles comparing the city to Silicon Valley, the startup capital. Although NYC isn’t yet taking Silicon Valley’s crown, it’s working its way up, and the many startups that have been sprouting recently are spearheading the growth. Recently, Business Insider rounded up the 22 Most Valuable New York City Startups, and how much they are worth.

Topping the list with a net value of $810 million is TheLadders, a subscription-based job search for positions paying $100K+. The Gilt Groupe, a high-end online sales service, followed closely with a net value of $750 million. Of the 22 startups listed, these 2 startups were the only ones who successfully went over $500 million in their valuations.

FreshDirect and Etsy hit the $300 million mark, while startups Vibrant Media, Thumbplay, Yodle, SecondMarket, Ideeli, and Huffington Post, closed in by staying at the $200 to $275 million range of net worth.

Tremor Media, Undertone Networks, Gawker Media, CafeMom, Buddy Media, and Next Jump stayed comfortably between net values of $135 to $175 million. Finishing the list were Betaworks, Rent the Runway, RecycleBank, Media6Degrees, Foursquare, KickApps, and Thrillist, all with a net value range of $75 to $100 million.

Startups on the lower part of the list are expected to have a higher net value, as they are fairly recent startups that still have room for improvement through newer versions that can net in more customers. For a more in-depth look at the list, go to Business Insider‘s main article.