More Cheers For Silicon Alley

Accel JimIt seems the best at cheering Silicon Alley’s rise are New Yorkers themselves. In a glowing op-ed piece for NY Daily News published yesterday the author sung praises to the burgeoning local social media movement. But a word of caution resonated amidst the cheer: Entrepreneurs must plan for the future if they wish to make the city the next high tech mecca. Fresh grads need to be tapped and talent must be cultivated. The editorial can be read in its entirety via the source link below.

Unlike similar articles, however, it did have a different tone than previous efforts to raise the profile of NY tech. Rather than harness the numbers or provide research, it took a broader view of the tech scene and called it an ongoing transformation that’s reinventing the Big Apple. It went on to mention how “officials and policymakers must do all in their power to put the city at the forefront of the revolution in communications, computing and Internet-based life.”

The article extensively quoted Accel‘s Jim Breyer, who had this to say about the current mood:

“What is different today, from five to seven years ago in New York, is that teams are coming directly out of colleges and choosing to take advantage of platforms, such as Facebook, and building those businesses here in New York, most often in lower Manhattan, Union Square. We’re seeing now a generation of entrepreneurs that are choosing to build their businesses here as opposed to perhaps feeling that they have to move to Silicon Valley.”
Via: NY Daily News