Mobile Apps Startups Set To Explode This Year

stickybits 02 Foursquare isn’t the only mobile app that’s getting a lot of mileage these days. Thanks to the smartphone boom, several trailblazing startups are set to carve an exciting niche for themselves by allowing users to access exclusive content with their handhelds. Stickybits, Scanbuy, and Xtify are among those set to make a killing this year from the expected upswing in tablet/iPad sales coupled with the ongoing popularity of mobile apps.

What makes these three names stand out from the crowd is the novelty of their core service. In Stickybits’ case, users scan barcodes on partner products and the Stickybits site to access unique promotional content. Scanbuy does the same and recently teamed up with mega-retailer Target for an interactive promotional campaign where scanned products reveal custom animations. Xtify, on the other hand, takes Foursquare’s location based check ins halfway through, offering instant promotional material without the bother of the person actually checking in.

All three are burning through generous amounts of VC funding, with Stickybits already putting most of their $1.9 million to good use. Co-founder and serial entreprenuer Billy Chasen recently declared his company’s long term goal this way: “We’re trying to bring [the] digital world into [the places] where we spend the majority of our time.” Such confidence has prompted observers of the New York tech scene at the moment to single out mobile apps as the next big wave in the greater Big Apple tech movement.

Via: Crain’s New York Business