Miss Hand Written Letters? Check Out MeebleMail

MeebleMailCall it email stationery. Or dressed up messaging even. MeebleMail’s reason for being  is the return of the personal touch via frilly borders and a nice font. While perfumed emails aren’t feasible (who knows?), MeebleMail at least goes halfway by letting users pay dirt cheap for a customized email template for yearly use.

Founded last year by Edmond and Sharon Gaffney, MeebleMail sells its stationary designs thru a quasi-subscription model where users pay $4.99 for one year. MeebleMail has so far managed to provide a startling variety of cute designs and their website is a breeze when it comes to service.

Precious insight about the startup comes from their blog:

“In today’s competitive job market, it’s critical to make yourself standout among the competition.  I had a recent conversation with someone in a hiring position at a much-coveted company in New York.  She was telling me how she really liked a candidate, but had to eliminate him because she didn’t receive an email thank you immediately after the interview.  She explained that in today’s world of instantaneous communication, the hand-written thank you note while definitely still a proper thing to do – an email thank you immediately following the interview is a MUST.”

Based on the above, it appears MeelbeMail are making a serious effort to expand their product’s utility. That’s very good.

To date, MeebleMail has pulled off a respectable amount of good press and a decent core service. As to their platform’s wider application as beautifiers of emails, why, that’s their decision.

Via: NY Convergence

  • http://twitter.com/jrminkoff33 Jerry Minkoff

    I'd call it e-mail stationery, myself.