MightyMeeting Combines Several Productivity Apps And More

There are a lot of apps that increases productivity while using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Apps like Skype, Dropbox, Yammer and Salesforce Mobile are the indispensables when it comes to using mobile devices as your primary workhorse. Wouldn’t it be perfect if one app can do all that, and then some?

New York based startup MightyMeeting combines all these apps with the release of their new application, MightyTeams, eliminating the need to install several apps. For tablet users, switching between apps can be quite tiresome especially when users find themselves switching every so often.

MightyMeeting allows users to manage their files and folders,  and easily share them via email, blog, Twitter or Facebook. Users can start or join web meetings from their devices be it a tablet, phone, desktop or laptop. Moreover, this app’s unique selling point is its ability to transcode files on the fly similar to how VLC Streamer works.

In an email to VentureBeat, MightMeeting Founder and CEO Dmitri Tcherev said, “Unlike Dropbox we transcode content – videos and presentations – for the iPad, iPhone, and Android. This content can then be presented directly from the iPad, locally or remotely. No one else does it as well as we do, and this has been driving adoption. We now have over a million assets in our repository.”

Competitors like Veeva Systems has released a similar app enabling team collaboration and file sharing. Their products, however, are targeted for use by pharmaceutical companies.

The MightyMeeting app will be released on February 21 in both the Apple App Store and Android Market, and also via your favorite Internet browser. Non-MightyMeeting members will need to shell out $4.99 in monthly subscription fees to use the service. You can also try it for free for 14 days.

Via VentureBeat