Micro-Conversation Site Bnter Gaining Momentum

Lauren LetoBnter seems a fun place to be right now. In fact, the micro-coversation repositary has been getting so much traction around the NY area that it’s become the unofficial hang-out spot for tech scenesters. Funded by a battery of prominent VCs including Chris Dixon, Ron Conway, and Shana Fisher, what makes Bnter interesting is it was founded by an unlikely pair. Pictured on the upper left is Lauren Leto, 1/2 of the Bntr team who together with illustrator Patrick Moberg launched the site in mid-2010. Neither of them have an extensive entrepreneurship background nor a solid hacker foundation. They did have a great, if rather offbeat, idea though.

Of course, some might be quick to dismiss Bnter as a sad case of over-zealous VCs pouring dough into ‘just another’ startup, but seriously, Bnter seems to have tapped into a growing niche. The ‘core’ of Bnter, so to speak, is allowing users to post the most “meaningful” bits of their everyday conversations on Facebook or Twitter. Not only is this quite novel, but it also makes for a lot of oddball posts, especially when a reader can’t make out the context of the dialogue.

Despite the irreverence (there’s a funny Bnter blog and the co-founders describe themselves as “Two kids in Brooklyn, NY”) Bnter has a good chance of spreading like fungus, quiet and slow, but steady. This can be nurtured by a stream of entertaining content that would draw users in.

Patrick Moberg also has a cool site of his own filled with his art, go here to check it out.

Via: Business Insider