Meghan Casserly: NYC Tech Is Unstoppable

As if a string of recent posts here about the NYC tech scene’s rise weren’t enough, Forbes blogger Meghan Casserly has just written a journalistic ode to the burgeoning movement. Weaving together bits of interviews with startup troopers slugging it out at the frontlines, Ms. Cassserly’s reporting on the entrepreneurial environment is spot on.

In an illuminative bit of description, Casserly captures exactly what drives local tech by enumerating its virtues. According to her: “the heart of the startup… are the incredible collaborative communities being built around tech, entrepreneurism and a supercharged burst of old-fashioned work ethic.”

She also gave a bird’s-eye view of the crucial issues that have contributed to the vibrant scene there is today. Co-working spaces, infrastructure, and a close-knit community bound together by endless social-cum-networking meets are what’s nurturing the startup boom. Our very own New York Tech Mixer was cited as an example of the surprising community growth in the sector. In the same breath Casserly cited the equivalent of sacred text when she mentioned the recent findings of PriceWaterhouseCooper, which was previously featured here at NY Tech Blog.

Casserly also didn’t fail to point out the glaring weakness of New York tech, one that has been bemoaned in this blog before: A criminal shortage of engineering talent. In the words of interviewee Ben Fisher, a 25 year-old startup veteran with an advertising background who co-founded AdoptAHacker, “We’re trying to address a need in New York’s startup community where there’s just not enough tech talent in terms of coders, programmers and engineers.”

Despite its weaknesses, Casserly’s piece ended on an optimistic note, which was apt since it’s exactly the mood permeating local tech at the moment.

Via: Forbes