MediaMath Hungry For Funding Round

MediaMathSpecializing in ad space bids from media companies, MediaMath are reportedly on the verge of a large funding round. According to available sources, their current revenue is somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million, but it might be higher. Now if MediaMath’s reason for existence is still a bit mystifying, let CEO Joe Zawadzki’s words clarify matters: “Automated buying with smart algorithms can target with more precision than any other means.” This is exactly what MediaMath is so good at doing.

For further clarification, here’s an additional declaration of intent:

At MediaMath (founded 2007), we’ve built the tools that enable and empower this new breed of marketing professional. Our TerminalOne platform allows agencies and advertisers to plan, execute, optimize, and analyze marketing programs across the digital landscape.

So what MediaMath, who have offices in a bunch of cities, want to achieve is a revolution in digital advertising. Says so in their HQ.

Founded by a rag tag group of technologists back in 2007, MediaMath have been doing brisk business (‘triple digit’ revenue growth since day one) and have so far accumulated $40 million worth of funding. An IPO isn’t on the horizon yet, but a funding round can happen any day now. So stay tuned.

Via: Business Insider