Mayor Bloomberg Unveils Interactive Map With NYC Startups

New York is filled to the brim with startups and Mayor Bloomberg is so happy about it. In fact, he unveiled exciting news at the Internet Week HQ. He unveiled an interactive map that displays the locations of all the tech startups in the city. The sidebar also displays which are currently hiring.

The map was his initiative alongside chief digital officer Rachel Sterne, NYCEDC president Seth Pinsky and Branch co-founder Josh Miller.

The map is dubbed the “Made in New York Digital Map”.  It “also locates the offices of investors, making it an excellent tool for entrepreneurs in search of capital, and includes over 30 tech incubators,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “We expect this map to be another tool that helps propel our tech industry forward.”

“Right now, there are over 600 startups, investors and incubators listed on the map, and we invite others to submit their company because this is an interactive resource,” said Sterne. Over 400 companies in the map are hiring. This equates to more than 1,000 open jobs in the city. The map can be viewed here.

It seems like the Mayor is the industry’s biggest fan as he promises that this is only to start and he strongly believes that the Big Apple is the right place if you’re growing a tech startup. But did he live up to his New Year’s Resolution and finally learned to code? We’ll have to wait for his word on that.

Source: Betabeat