Matchbook’s Intent-Based Advertising Wins $250K In Seed Funding

New York City startup Matchbook, launched last summer, has recently raised $250,000 in seed funding from Quotidian Ventures as well as from Percolate, Mashape, Nestio and Rick Webb, a Foursquare investor and co-founder of the Barbarian Group.

As of this writing, Matchbook is only available in the App Store but will soon be released to other platforms in the coming months thanks to its new funding. The funds will also help the company in accelerating growth and in making new hires.

Matchbook is a simple app that lets users bookmark, tag and share their favorite places like, for instance, restaurants, shops and bars to their friends. Unlike Foursquare or Yelp that broadcasts your every move to social networking sites when you check-in to places, Matchbook is pretty much toned down a bit. Its interface allows users to organize to-do lists by neighborhood, search bookmarks and view places recommended by other users.

The data Matchbook has gathered since it was released has proven to be very useful for advertisers, brands, and businesses. From these data, Matchbook is able to determine the users’ intent and which places they plan to visit, making advertising more effective. When a deal pops up from sites like Groupon, LivingSocial and Gilt City, a notification or alert will  be sent to the Matchbook app user so they won’t ever miss a great deal again.

Matchbook’s App is free to use and to be able to monetize, the company takes a cut from deals purchased in-app.

Via TechCrunch