MakerBot Is Looking For A Few Good Geeks

MakerBot“If you find 3D printing exciting, this is the place for you.”

Thus goes MakerBot’s latest shout out to technicians who have what it takes. The company are currently accepting resume submissions (check source link below) for support agents. Support agents? The guys who troubleshoot their legendary DIY 3D printers. That’s them.

MakerBot have always been at the receiving end of high praise here in NY Tech Blog. It’s much deserved too, considering the trailblazing field of 3D printing. Not so long ago, 3D printing was the exclusive preserve of certain industries, today the site is democratizing the technology. What they have essentially accomplished is akin to Gerald Ford’s Model T or the Blackberry when it first came out.

Okay, awkward comparisons aside, but maybe if satisfied MakerBot customers had their say, the glowing reviews would speak for themselves. (Why, of course they will.)

So there. MakerBot is looking for a few good men and women who have what it takes. Here’s a helpful chunk from the site:

MakerBot is a high-energy, dynamic workplace: in addition to email and phone support for customers, there are many other roles to be filled, from sales to blogging to documentation. You’ll be in the heart of a growing business, and anything is possible for a motivated, intelligent individual.

Via: Makerbot