Loosecubes Arranges “Outdoor Offices” On Thursdays

With NYC filling to the brim with startups, everyone is on the hunt for a cheap office space to work in. Last Thursday, a dozen designers, developers and startups founders picked up their laptops and worked outside on picnic tables under the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn.

This effort was part public-relations gimmick, part-vision of the future of office sharing company Loosecubes and the Dumbo Improvement District.

Organizers offered beer, picnic tables, and free Wi-Fi in the venue. Interested startups can drop by the same spot every Thursday this August.

“We think of our customers a lot as local nomads,” said Campbell McKellar, founder of Loosecubes.

He said they are responding to a shift in work culture as younger and younger people are opening up businesses and they need a laid-back environment to work in.

“Offices in New York City, it’s not a value for our money at this point.” said Eva Kaplan, director of a nonprofit called Maria’s Libraries. Big fishes like Facebook and Google can afford spacious offices, but smaller startups are drawn to the outdoors because of its greatest selling point: it’s free.

Working outside has never been easier because of the increasing Wi-Fi connection and green spaces around the city. But startups can’t count on parks forever because of the unpredictable weather. That’s why Loosecubes promotes its free office-sharing service which will begin charging fees in the fall.

Source WSJ