Level Equity Opens Its Doors To The Tech Scene

cash moneyThere’s a new kid in the block and they’re a really small outfit hungry for some action. Called Level Equity, their presence was felt at the start of the month after it became known that they’ve raised $120 million in funding. Woah.

A quick perusal of their website reveals a few startling details. Divided among a six way partnership, Level Equity is composed of Benjamin Levin, George McCulloch, Sarah Haas, and Glen Shields. The others are Gabriel Erbst, Martha Burzynski, and Michael Brink. Half of the team are all former Insigth Ventures people and to cite one of their bios (this is Benjamin Levin’s):

“Investing in privately held media, software and services companies since 1997, Ben has been involved with investments in Airborne Entertainment (acquired by Cybird), Argus Software, Break Media (acquired by Lionsgate Entertainment), ConnectCapital, DivX (NASDAQ: DIVX), DolphinSearch (acquired by Xiotech), Dorado Software, DWL Software (acquired by IBM), ECi Software Solutions, Exchange Applications (NASDAQ: EXAP; acquired by Amdocs), GenArts Software, Precise Technology Corporation (acquired by Code Hennessy & Simmons), Punch Software (acquired by Navarre), SecureInfo Corporation, Stellex Technologies (acquired by Tyco International and The Carlyle Group) and Webhelp (acquired by Brigade and TWS Holdings). He is a director and treasurer of Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners.”

Expect additional news on Level Equity in the ensuing weeks and months.

Via: Xconomy