LetsLunch, Meet New York

Lets Lunch The name hardly leaves anything to the imagination. LetsLunch is perhaps what can be deemed a pure social networking portal. Forget hashcred and inane conversations on Bnter for a moment. Instead of inane friending, it’s a great tool for nailing reservations in a restaurant for a meal with [real] friends and business associates.

This is the core of LetsLunch–mealtime spent for networking. But with LetsLunch, there’s an element of fun involved, because not only are its users out to broaden their social circle, they’re also active in giving feedback. Or are expected to be.

The big news is on Wednesday the Silicon Valley-based LetsLunch opened its doors in New York (no surprise there). It really is plain common sense to expand the service somewhere that’s often regarded as the world’s finest place to eat. Expect a lot of nice lunches from now on.

Via: Techcrunch