Lest It Be Forgotten, Venture Shift Happened Last Week

Apparently VCs have their own exclusive get-togethers for the sake of comparing notes. This is pretty much what happened at Venture Shift, which had travelled all the way from San Fran to land at Greenwich Village on November 17. Venture Shift is a venue for entrepreneurs and investors to ‘get a grip’ on what’s happening from the VC end of the spectrum. Thankfully, a lot of entrepreneurs were indeed present to hear what VCs themselves had to say about their now very interesting profession.

Maybe it’s because of the explosion of NY tech or maybe it’s because of them, either way being a VC today means having lots of options. Lots AND lots of options. These were explored by a selection of guest speakers that included Paul Martino and Bambi Francisco, both of whom had tons of insight to share. Between the two, it’s Martino who had a lot to say (or was at least quoted extensively) about the different species of investors now prowling the tech landscape, including those rare super angels (‘a misnomer,’ he claims).

This included the various strategies that VCs have at their disposal, be it going down the incubator route or simply choosing the best ideas out there. For a more comprehensive summary of last week’s Venture Shift, the source link below is recommended reading.

Via: NYConvergence