Lerer Ventures Preps $25M For Seed Funding

Ken LererThe family duo of Ken and Ben Lerer (father and son, respectively) have much to be proud of. Not only are they neck deep in the raging, pulsating Big Apple tech scene, but their earnest venture in broad VC-ing is pretty prosperous. Lerer Ventures was launched in 2010 by the dad and son duo who saw massive opportunity in the burgeoning tech scene then. Turns out the vision has paid off. Not only does Lerer Ventures play an active role in such swaggering startups as  HyperPublic and Qwiki, but pooling in cash for future seed rounds is drawing in hefty amounts.

Just this week Lerer Ventures announced it’s got $25 million ready to be poured on new ideas. Lerer Ventures also welcomed a familiar face: ex-CEO of the Huffington Post Eric Hippeau. Mr. Hippeau will be “running” Lerer Ventures from now on and under his guidance the VC firm is expected to make serious headway in new media. It’s an edge that further amplifies the Lerer’s knack for creating great brands—or at least funding them.

The Lerer’s are a family steeped in tech. Ken Lerer’s son is the founder of Thrillist and has gotten his fair share of coverage here at NY Tech Blog. A previous post mentioned:

“Thrillist happens to be on a roll these days. Not only is the dedicated men’s newsletter raking in cash, but it’s growing with fresh hires. Thrillist has the unique distinction of being called a “bro-hipster” enclave and thanks to Ben Lerer’s resolve, it will continue being such for some time.”

On an interesting note, a lot of HuffPo alumni are finding a new home under the Lerer’s wings these days.

Via: Techcrunch