Leonid Boguslavsky And The Russian Invasion

Leonid BoguslavskyRelax, it’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s not like tanks will be rolling through Times Square any day now. On the contrary, it’s the greenbacks that’s going to be running through the city streets. Around $750 million of it, thanks to the newly-minted RTP Ventures (official launch coming very soon). So Yuri Milner is at it again?

Hold on, because Milner’s got his own VC fund running at full speed. RTP is the work of Leonid Boguslavsky, another Russian billionaire whose largest investments so far are in the motherland. He’s the guy whose fortune came from solid funding to major Russian search engines and online retailers—think along the lines of Russia’s Google and Amazon.

So apparently, for reasons only history can reveal in full, Mr. Boguslavsky (of whom few pictures exist) is making a huge thrust into the U.S. market. Thus the richly endowed RTP Ventures, fronted by Kirill Sheynkman, a veteran Valley entrepreneur and seasoned VC whose previous stints at Sequoia and Greyroft suggest a solid track record.

As of this writing, there’s barely a hint where RTP’s generosity is going to be funneled. In a recent interview, however, Sheynkman did indicate that he’s looking out for long-term partners, the kind of big tech companies that’ll be relevant “until five years from now.”

This could be the start of a huge story. Stay tuned.

Via: Betabeat