Know Where To Go Or Never Leave Your Door: 5 Best Apps to Have in NYC

For those who are new to the city, here are 5 best apps to have so you’ll always know where to go and how to get there:

1. HopStop

Navigating through the NYC streets may be  daunting for the tourist. HopStop is here so you’ll look like a local no matter what.

The free app will get you from A to B via any form of transport (bus, subway, walking, biking, etc)

2. Exit Strategy

If a train gets you from point A to almost at point B, Exit Strategy is here to complete the journey. Depending on which train you’re heading, the app suggests which car to board if you are looking a fast exit off the subway or if you’re transferring to a different train. It even works if you’re offline and includes maps for all 5 boroughs!

3. Menu Pages

This was where people view restaurant reviews pre-Yelp. It’s a free app integrated with Open Table so you can reserve right through the Menu Pages app. It is available in several cities including NYC, LA, Boston, Chicago and DC

4. Seamless

Food Delivery is one of man’s greatest inventions. Seamless Food Delivery can deliver just about any type of food at any time of the day.

It works best in NYC, but the service is available in 45 cities. If the city has more takeout places, the better.

5. FreshDirect

FreshDirect is another reason to never leave the house. The company delivers fresh groceries at cheap prices. No more lugging around that heavy grocery bag. Ever.

It’s convenient delivery of fresh and high quality groceries. Oh, and they deliver booze too!

Source: Techcrunch