Knewton Closes $33 Million D Round

The education space is heating up with Knewton closing a $33 million Series D round led by the Founders Fund. Other participants in the round are Accel Partners, Pearson, Bessemer Venture Partners and FirstMark Capital. Think of the service as a personal tutor of sorts, using its trademarked Adaptive Learning Platform to customize learning tools to the each student.

What results is a syllabus that fits the needs of that particular learner, making him or her perform better both in class and in standardized tests like the LSAT and GMAT. To put it in startup terms: it’s Pandora for learning. Pictured at left is the famous founder of the company, Jose Ferreira.

More and more educational institutions are partnering with Knewton to improve student performance. One such addition are the freshmen of Arizona State University, Come this fall, over 10,000 such students will be gaining Knewton-powered math readiness courses. Students are given problems and if he or she seems to be struggling with those, the system will scale back to easier problems until mastery is achieved. For top performers on the other hand, the algorithm will continue to challenge the learner as long as they can take it.

Learning is a good investment, not just for the Founders Fund and the rest of the investors, but for everyone as well. And while many believe that the current education system seems to have a lot of major flaws, Knewton is forging ahead and raising the bar by providing quality learning techniques and bringing back personalized education.

via: TechCrunch