Kickstarter Startup Turf Is Becoming Well Known

M TsengRemember Turf? It’s the mobile game from the mind of Michael Tseng, ex-ad agency creative and current WeWork Labs resident. Since the exciting world of NY tech is an eco system teeming with different creatures, among which are the games segment, Michael thinks he’s got what it takes to unleash the next trend that’ll suck in hordes of players.

For reasons that suggest a lack of connections and not enough exposure, Michael did the unprecedented by taking his idea to Kickstarter, where he hoped to raise $15,000. The money is supposed to be used like VC fnding, a boost for extra help and fine tuning the product.

The good news is, since its debut on Kickstarter, Turf is raising cash and attracting much attention from the press. What Michael Tseng wants to ultimately achieve is a mobile game that borrows aspects of Foursquare check ins, Farmville, and Monopoly (yes, the board game) for a diverting expansion oriented experience.

Thanks to Michael’s out-of-the-box approach, VC Vinicius Vacanti officially plugged Turf on twitter. That’s quite a compliment.

Via: Business Insider