Kickstarter Reaches New Milestone

Kickstarter-logo10,000 crowd funded projects as of Tuesday. Quite a feat, considering it launched a mere two years ago, so the Kickstarter crowd should definitely be in a celebrating mood. Hugs and fist pumps abound, no doubt.

The milestone was commemorated in a lengthy data-driven and graphic-laden blog post that analyzed Kickstarter’s success.

What’s interesting about the data is the trends it reveals. For example, Kickstarter growth in number of projects launched for April is the same as the number of projects launched for 2010. Additionally, in the top 13 best funded projects, the leading five are cultural pursuits. Indie crowdfunded music releases are by far the most popular, followed by film, art, theatre, and writing.

Money-wise, Kickstarter is rolling in it. Within the span of six months (January to now this year) Kickstrater pledges have totaled $75 million.

The rate that people are pledging is also skyrocketing to astronomical figures as it now takes as little as two weeks to accumulate $5 million in pledges.

The sheer force of these numbers are the best proof so far that Kickstarter works especially as an indie haven. Now the big questions is in what direction will it expand. As one commenter put it, how long before Kickstarter Europe?

Open the source link below to view the info and a special five-minute vid prepared by Kickstarter.

Via: Kickstarter