Kickstarter Enjoying The Limelight

Kickstarter logoSince launching in 2009, Kickstarter has become a haven for underdogs who need to access funds outside traditional patronage. Of course, anyone with a passing familiarity with Kickstarter is aware it still relies on patronage to make its product work: collecting money for anyone with  a mission. With Kickstarter however, it’s patronage from people who believe as opposed to people whose favor is curried.

So far, artists, NGOs , and a vast assortment of different endeavors have been given sustenance by Kickstarter. Little wonder then that it enjoyed a close up feature (complete with graphics) by ZDNet earlier this week. The business model driving Kickstarter is a dead-simple success story where the website pockets a small percentage of the cash raised within a specified deadline.

Another interesting tidbit that’s surfaced about Kickstarter is the story behind Turf. Turf is a soon-to-be-released app by Michael Tseng. After laboring over the details at WeWork Labs Tseng posted a video on Kickstarter asking for $15,000. Lucky for him (or perhaps good for him), at least 1/5th of the amount had been netted by Friday. Turf, according to Tseng, is a fresh spin on the Foursquare check ins model. Here’s the pitch he wrote for his Kickstarter page:

“Stop playing Portal 2 for five minutes and let me ask you a question. Have you ever wanted to be rewarded for being you? Turf Geography Club has heard your caw! Turf is a free location-based game set in the real world where you hang out with friends, amass gold coins, and acquire goods and properties in a battle to tame your surroundings. It’s like Foursquare meets Monopoly. First things first — allow me to thank you for taking the time to feast upon my words.

Via: ZDNet, Business Insider