Khoi Vinh On The Future Of iPad Publishing

Khoi VihnKhoi Vinh? A design hound. Meaning he’s the kind of guy bonkers for design and even worked for the New York Times as design director once upon a time.

He’s got a fresh interview (see the source link below) and a few crucial insights on the challenges of tablet publishing. Teaser: It doesn’t look good aesthetically. There’s also a problem with monetizing publications on the tablet.

A design blogger by inclination and a secretive app developer by compulsion, Vinh’s primary beef with the great transition of print to tablet PCs is, to put it succinctly, imperfect. A brief glimpse:

“I wouldn’t speculate as to a specific cause. My general guess would be they just tried to get too fancy. What I like about it is that it’s just the text from the magazines presented very simply. I ignore all the other extras. I don’t think the stuff I care about is what’s causing it to crash, which is just the text.”

A refreshing read from a guy who’s fully aware of the great transformation shaping the publishing biz, the Khoi Vinh interview is compelling stuff.

Via: Betabeat