Kevin Ryan Says Gilt Groupe Is In Great Shape

Gilt GroupeOn Friday, Gilt Groupe CEO Kevin Ryan opened up to Ilya Marritz for a rare interview. The resulting material reveals a few interesting details about himself and his company. Gilt Groupe have gotten a lot of mileage here at NY Tech Blog and for good reason. For starters, it’s a fast growing company in the digital retail space. Also, it has more than a few exceptional qualities.

Take Kevin Ryan himself, who already cut his teeth in a previous successful venture before embarking on Gilt Groupe. During his chat with Marritz he also shed slight on Gilt Groupe’s origins, his childhood, and his other commitments involving the city government. He also had this to say about going public:

It depends on the valuation first of all, but investors own part of the company and employees own a big piece of the company, about 20 percent. New York is so big I don’t think it’ll change anything dramatically in New York, but I do think that we’re creating an ecosystem in New York that is fantastic, and so there are people who work here today, who three years from now will start their own company, raise money, and continue to build ecosystem, just the way my previous company, DoubleClick has produced at least twelve CEOs so far.

Open the source link below to get the whole scoop. For a glimpse into a company whose boss personally interviews each applicant, it shouldn’t be missed.