Jibe Helps Job-Seekers Land Dream Job

Because more people are now realizing that their profession is their best asset in times of economic recession, a next-generation job board called Jibe will now be open to the public to look and apply for the best jobs.

Founded in March 2010, Jibe stated out as a private beta that lets people use their accounts in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to find jobs in well-reputed companies and organizations. In the same way, corporations who are in need of a few people can hire capable and qualified job-seekers for the job.

Jibe was developed in Dogpatch Labs in NYC, and because of their hard work, its founders snagged an $875K seed funding from Polaris Venture Partners, Lerer Media Ventures, Zelkova Ventures, Jason Calacanis, and the brothers Kushner, Josh and Jared.
Once job seekers link their, for example, Facebook account to sign in, Jibe will extract relevant information such as educational and employment history from their account and fill up their Jibe profile. These profiles help individuals connect with each other, especially for when your dream company just posted a job, and you need someone who works in that company to give you a recommendation or advice to land the job.

An applicant can apply for jobs using Jibe’s credit system. When you broadcast your job search, link your Jibe account to your social networks,, update your Jibe profile, or even send private messages via Jibe, you can earn credits. But if you can’t wait long, you can pay $5 for 500 credits. Companies, on the other hand, can post job listings for free, but should pay $15 per opening of profile.

Jibe is expected to make it bigger in the future, since many online job boards around don’t work so well with just pure listings. And because social networks are mostly populated by the 20-somethings, Jibe will prove to be more useful, both for companies and job-seekers alike.

via TechCrunch