Jessica Mah Gets 1.5 Million Funding for inDinero at Age 20

If you think startup businesses are for grown-up adults who’ve been well into their late twenties and thirties, then you haven’t heard of 20 year-old Jessica Mah, who is currently building her own startup called inDinero.

inDinero is a software management tool that helps a business manage its finances and other activities. inDinero not only manages the business’s finances, it also helps keep track of where the money is being spent, and how much is going in. As a management tool, inDinero will help business owners spend less on unnecessary expenses and invest their money on more important things.

inDinero is not the first startup Jessica Mah has founded; it was, in fact, her third. The first startup she founded was at the age of 13. Skipping a few grade levels allowed her to enter college at the age of 15 in the University of California, Berkeley, where she took up Computer Science. It was also in Berkeley where she found her second startup called

Jessica is currently closing in on a deal with hot investors for inDinero, which includes Dave McClure from 500 Startups, Fritz Lanman from Microsoft, and Jawed Karim from YouTube. After a week, Jessica might be walking away from the deal with a big $1.5 million in her pocket as seed funding for inDinero. Some reports even tell of Jessica declining some investors. Looks like Jessica is one start-upper everyone wants to rub elbows with.

Though she’s not the only young entrepreneur who’s worked successfully from the ground up, Jessica Mah is a star in her own category in the startup business. A definite inspiration for young aspiring web upstarts all around.

via TechCrunch