Is There A Foursquare-Groupon Alliance In the Works?

FoursquareIt’s true; at least according to the unverified sources who leaked the news. But don’t expect anything concrete or even a press release anytime soon. As far as Foursquare and Groupon are concerned, they’re still courting each other. Or in startup parlance, engaged in “partnership talks.”

Aside from the excited speculation, both parties are keeping mum. But lo and behold, Groupon’s CEO Andrew Mason has been spotted dropping by Foursquare HQ. The potential of such a mash up between the check ins bad boys from New York and Chicago’s oft-cloned/imitated deals site is quite promising. Imagine all the deals that could come a particular user’s way once they check in at a certain location, be it a retail outlet or a café.

Locking arms with Groupon is also a major push for Foursquare whose impact could see it userbase zoom past the already impressive (for a NY outfit that is) nine million mark.

This news utterly demolishes an earlier post here at NY Tech Blog discussing the untapped potential of Foursquare if only it took a cue from Groupon. Turns out they’re already ahead of the curve and are cooking something huge. Here’s what we wrote earlier:

“…the crucial issues involve attitudes toward check ins and small businesses not caring. The latter isn’t a ad thing, since what small businesses do is, well, their business. The real hurdle is generating enough excitement to turn Foursquare’s check ins model into a huge profit making vehicle.”

If this Groupon thing goes live, those profits will reach for the sky.

Via: AllThingsSD