Inubar Out Of Stealth Mode, Ready To Sell Pet Products

Pet lovers rejoice! New York Startup Inubar has just came out of stealth mode and is ready to serve your four-legged friends.

Inubar is an e-tailer offers a selection of aesthetically designed products like toys, bedding and accessories for dogs. The company adds a new item each week.

The site looks looks like a crossbreed of BarkBox and Inubar Co-Founder Tiffany Luck explains how Inubar is different from the two.

Inubar sells a mix of essential items and eye-catching rare finds. :It is a little more traditional retail than BarkBox.” says Luck.

While Fab offers trendy items, Inubar is solely for pets. “We are trying to be the place you go when you want to try something new and you need something,” Luck says.

A sample of these tasteful items are colorful squeaky twig toys. they serve the purpose, and also looks fine on floors. A white sculpted jar with a dog on the lid serves as dog biscuit jars but are good enough to go on display.

Luck aims to offer quality items at competitive pricing. “If you go into a boutique retailer, you see prices of $500 for a pet bed, we’ll be offering a lot of the same things you find at these high-end retailers just at competitive pricing.”

The pet scene is an already crowded market, but Luck feels she has an advantage.  “All these small suppliers, who are also about uniqueness and design, really don’t have a great distribution outlet right now.” she says.

The company works with 30 suppliers and is in talks with 100 more.

Tiffany Luck and Co-Founder Ran Tao are both former employees of Lot18

Source: Xconomy

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