Interview with Pavan Katepalli, Founder and CEO of provides the one on one fitness workout sessions and diet advice that personal training offers, except we cost 90% lower than what the average personal training service would charge. has two types of users, Members and Fitness Coaches. Members can choose to workout with Fitness Coaches that have passed MyFitSolution’s online video based fitness certification exam. We’re looking for investors and a Chief Financial Officer with a strong background working with start ups.  Pavan Katepalli will be presenting at the NY Tech Mixer Event on June 10th (

What is your company/service? provides one on one fitness training (with MyFitSolution Certified Fitness Coaches) in gyms at prices 90% lower than what the average Personal Trainer charges. We also provide 24/7 support to questions regarding diet, nutrition, fitness and motivation from Certified MyFitSolution Fitness Coaches at prices 95% lower than what the average Dietician charges.

Tell me how it all started, where did your vision/inspiration come from?

During my Junior year at Rutgers University, I went home one weekend.  That weekend my mother complained about high personal training costs at the gym she went to. My mother wanted one on one fitness training at her gym, but didn’t want to pay $60/hour for it. I looked around on the net and found out that one on one fitness training was expensive all over the place. A few weeks later, I went to the gym to do a legs workout, and when walking in, I saw a guy that was doing squats completely incorrect. Matter of fact, it looked like the guy was going to kill himself, because he had bad form with 135 pounds ON HIS NECK! Quickly, I ran over and helped the guy with the exercise and I showed him how to do the squats correctly. I wasn’t really wasting my time, because doing squats that day was actually part of my work out. At that exact moment I knew that if I could connect fitness enthusiasts like myself with people who are seeking to get fit, then low cost one on one fitness training in gyms would be possible. That’s when the idea for MyFitSolution was born. The summer of that year, I had a job as a Market Manager for a Print and Online Advertising Firm from Allston, Massachusetts. The Company’s Managing Partners were very young, and that is when I realized that being young should not stop me from pursuing my start up goals. That summer, I broke the Company’s National record in print advertisement sales made out of the 250 Market Managers the Company ever hired. After that, I got the motivation to build my team and write the business plan for I immediately went to my friend Bill Tamashunas and brought him onto my team as the Chief Operations Officer. That is when our adventure started.

Why does the world need your product?  Why now?

The most effective way to maintain one’s health is fitness personal training. The problem is that personal training is very expensive. It can cost up to 100 dollars an hour, and usually people get multiple sessions, which can cost upwards to a thousand dollars. In addition, personal training is a hassle to arrange. Our research indicates that people find it embarrassing to ask for personal training and find it a nuisance to coordinate a schedule with a personal trainer. The Solution to this problem is We provide affordable and convenient one on one fitness work outs in gyms that can be set up quickly online. The world has been waiting for MyFitSolution to come forth and help make their fitness goals affordable.

What keeps you motivated?

My team keeps me motivated. Bill Tamashunas is the Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer for and is also my good friend. We both work extremely hard, and complement each other’s strengths. Every time we do an all-nighter, we end up having more energy at the end than we did at the very beginning. That is because we both have a clear vision for the Company, and always work toward achievable goals that lead toward that vision. Steven Tian is our Head Programmer, and he is a brilliant computer scientist. Having him at MyFitSolution’s side, gives Bill and I the confidence needed to make MyFitsolution a success. We both know that any programming problem that arises, he will take care of. My team has a hell bent work ethic that is propelled by extreme drive and passion for what our Company does.

What would you consider to be a successful result for your company?

A successful result for our Company would be to reach 25,000 active users on the website as well as having partnerships with gym chains across the nation. The ultimate goal for us is having the Company get bought up by a National Gym Chain. We realize that a National Gym Chain can take our Company to new heights, and that’s why our ultimate goal is what it is.

What’s your favorite drink? (this is a Demos and Drinks event…)

From my college years of being a brother in the Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, I have to say that my favorite drink is Miller Light, due to me drinking it at every party we ever had.  Our Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder, Bill Tamashunas, always loves a classy Martini, regardless of flavor. Steven Tian, our Head Programmer, is MyFitSolution’s designated driver for all Company celebrative events. Steven prefers ice tea over alcoholic beverages.