Interview with Bob Cavezza, Co-Founder of

Bob Cavezza is the co-founder of, a real time social fashion website. It allows users to show off what they’re wearing, share it with their friends, and find where to buy clothes that others are wearing. The company is launching their beta version in early June and is looking for new users. Bob will be presenting at the NY Tech Mixer Event on June 10th (

What is all about? is a social fashion website where users post what they’re wearing, see what others are wearing, and can buy their clothes online. It’s an awesome concept because it allows you to not only see what affordable clothes look like on real people (not models) and shows you how to buy them quickly. Scrolling down the browser reminds me of walking down the street, except that you don’t need to be that “creep” and ask people what they’re wearing if you like their sweater.

Why does the world

People don’t buy clothes that look great on celebrity models, they buy clothes that look great on them. makes it easy to find clothes that look great on real people. Let’s say you find someone that has a similar build and a similar style on the website. If you browse what that person is wearing It will help you tenfold to see how different clothes look good on that person versus a model from a tv commercial. It also makes it easy to find where to buy it. If you asked a friend at work where he bought his new shirt, he’ll tell you, but you may not remember later on. If he has a post on, the outfit will link to a website where you can buy it quick and easy.

What would you consider to be a successful result for your company?

Becoming the place to go online when you want to find new clothes to buy.

What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Start building. I have seen friends walk around with a business plan for weeks, months, years. Most of the time, these people still have the idea and no product or traction five years later. I’m not saying to quit your job, but take some time to build something. If you are not a programmer, learn how to code. Most people look for tech co-founders. I think it’s a mistake and as a co-founder, you need to know your product intimately.

Lastly, of course, what’s your favorite drink?

Guinness. It’s delicious.