Influence Analyzer Klout Teams Up With Badgerville

Klout, put simply, measures online influence. It allows users to track the reach of their social ripple, like opinions, links and recommendations by using data harvested from their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media accounts.

Klout has teamed up with gamification company Badgeville which was announced recently thru an email to its members. Badgeville rewards users through real-time achievements and reputation points with tokens, badges and prizes increasing the online audience engagement of its clients.

With this partnership, Klout, using its influence-marketing tools will be able to provide Badgeville relative data on their users social media reach, with users having more influence earning greater rewards.

John Frankel, a partner in ff Venture Capital, admitted they were having qualms before they finalized their investment with Klout, but countered that they are seeing Klout’s potential in the following years as people are becoming more aware of their online footprint and how they can manage it.

Klout also included “perks” as one of its 18 business models. “I sat down with Joe,” referring to Klout CEO Joe Fernandez, “gosh back in April 2010 and we laid out 18 different business models and we decided perks was the first one to focus on,” said Frankel.

It’s still a guess whether these perks are good enough incentives for users to open up their social media accounts to Klout’s database.

Via BetaBeat