In New York, Everyone Has The Startup Bug

New York tech sceneThanks to so much money being poured into fledgling startups and big news about hefty IPOs, the bandwagon is nearly filled to bursting. At least this is the tone of Adrienne Jeffries’ latest article. The lengthy piece examines not so much what’s happening but what’s going on behind what’s happening. The best word that comes to mind—and is oft repeated at the start of the article—is “manic.”

It’s a fun read for anyone with a few minutes of free time. Pretty epic too, rich in anecdotal insights and the overflowing enthusiasm that’s the norm among startuppers.

The best part of Jeffries’ story is how would-be entrepreneurs got bitten by the bug. Call it narcissism, but at one point professionals from various fields want to shape the world in their own image. It’s a harsh way of putting it, but the near-religious messianism connected with startup ideas borders on the strange, an ill fit in the oft-perceived cold antiseptic landscape of tech.

Also, the mere fact that so many are joining the flood could bode ill. Trends tend to die horribly and a lot of people usually go down with it. Hopefully today’s tech scene has the foresight to establish a solid foundation—it’s the best antidote to constant mumblings about bubbles and such.

Read the whole article via the source link below.

Via: Betabeat