iAd Sales Team Setting Up Shop In Manhattan

There’s no official opening date yet, but Apple has announced it’s opening a new office in Manhattan (near Union Square) that will exclusively house the iAd sales team. Apple’s iAd presence in the Big Apple is presently confined to a cramped SoHo office. The new move is expected to solidify Apple’s foothold in New York, which has already established itself as a thriving tech hub. However, the upcoming Union Square office isn’t Apple’s first in NYC, since the Apple store at West 14th also has its own cramped accommodations.

The relocation of iAd is also viewed as a strategic one, with Madison Avenue only a stone’s throw away from the new offices Apple will now be ale to snare lucrative deals to propel iAd growth. Since rolling out, iAd has been bedeviled by costly withdrawals by large brands such as Chanel and Adidas. Some claim these blunders were indicative of the flaws in the iAd business model that restricted advertiser control and the absence of third-party ad serving tools. The Union Square iAd office may just be the right move to stimulate iAd, which already raked $60 million in commitments last June.

iAd is currently locked in with Google when it comes to the mobile ads league. A recent pie chart released last September by Bloomberg Businessweek indicated that both tech giants shared the same percentage of market share. As for who will come out on top by the end of 2010, that remains to be seen, but many are counting on Apple’s eventual success.

Via: Business Insider