Huynh Launches MakeDirect, Receives $2M Initial Funding

MakeDirect is Duy Huynh’s latest New York Startup. Huynh is a co-founder of

MakeDirect is an e-commerce site lets users buy furniture direct from the company. Because of this it can offer as much as 90% off on retail price. The site launched with a $2 million Series A round of funding from DFJ Vina Capital (part os the Draper Fisher Jurvetson investing newtork)

MakeDirect offers 10 to 20 items on its website that rotate about every two weeks. Huynh plans to change items every week to gain customers.

Right now, instead of offering a broad spectrum of products, MakeDirect is focused on building sales volume on targeted items. Currently the site of focused in patio furniture such as hammocks and chaise lounge chairs. For people who want to gain great discounts on these items, MakeDirect is the place.

“Today furniture is going from the original makers to the marketplace through a chain of middlemen (e.g. agents, importers, wholesalers and retailers). As everyone along the way adds their own markup, you and many other consumers end up paying 10 times more than the original costs. MakeDirect cuts out all the middlemen so you can buy direct from the makers at factory-direct prices”. Huynh says.

The company is working with overseas manufacturers since their products are cheaper compared to their local counterparts.

The business model is like but focuses more on everyday items rather than chic fashion finds.

To focus on his new startup, Huynh lets go of his older endeavor which he co-founded last year. It is now handled by its co-founders.

Huynh admits that MakeDirect has some hurdles to overcome. Overseas items may take weeks to arrive and he hopes that customers bear with the wait. “It’s not like buying a T-shirt or a camera.” he says.

Source: Xconomy