Hundreds To Attend Boxee Box Launch Party

BoxeeIn keeping with Boxee tradition, a launch party will uh, launch at Irving Plaza on November 10 to celebrate Boxee’s soon-to-be consummated partnership with DLink. The red hot event will also showcase a demo of the Boxee Box on Boxee 1.0—its newest software—to entice those attending what a great buy Boxee is. Adding to the good news, Boxee wants it made known to the public that the same software will soon be made available on Mac, PC, and Linux.

Having been the object of much buzz for months now, the Boxee Box is officially launching on November 17. What better way to stir up a frenzy then than a must-go-to launch party? Since expectations for the gadget that allows internet to TV program streaming devoid of hassles are scorching, it’s no surprise to discover that a few hundred people have already RSVPed. In fact, expectations are so scorching that the official invite to this party suggests you order one now at Amazon for ultimate satisfaction.

The party gets started at more or less 7pm sharp and there are no fees. Yes, NO FEES. Just go here to add your name. November may not be around yet, but it might be best to set aside them party clothes in advance and brace yourself for a poppin’ good time. (A lot of tech scenesters and prominent VCs will be there too–networking, anyone?)

Via: A VC blog