Hunch Wants People To Find Their Taste

Hunch logoWanting to be more than a recommendation hub for people out for kicks, Hunch recently unveiled a serious upgrade to their platform. A lengthy post over at the Hunch blog did the explaining much better, so here’s a helpful selection that begins with:

“Starting today you’ll notice a new look to the activity feed on Hunch.  The ‘recommendation feed’ combines several longstanding Hunch features — an activity feed, personalized recommendations, machine-based predictions and a follower system — into one comprehensive feed that also includes several new social features.”

And introducing the clever re-recommend feature:

“You can ‘re-recommend’ something which appears in your feed, which will in turn push it out to your own followers, creating a potential viral wave of recommendations.  You’ll also notice the introduction of a commonly-requested feature: the ability to save something for later. So if you find a book, movie, recipe, handbag, or sprocket that seems intriguing, you can save it for later when you have time to read, watch, make, wear, or buy it.”

Last, a few words to live by:

“The first time you use the enhanced feed, you’ll also be asked to choose some broad areas of interest.  Hunch will then propose new people to follow based on those interests.  Some suggestions may be Facebook friends, others may be users who are influential ‘taste makers’ in your areas of interest.  Soon you’ll also begin to notice some high profile and influential bloggers, companies, brands and reviewers coming on board to make recommendations about their passions, products, causes, and content.”

There’s lot more in the official Hunch blog.

Via: Hunch